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Mohammad Rebati


Hello, I'm Mohammad, a Senior Software Engineer specializing in FullStack .NET development. With an extensive background in building scalable web applications and leading diverse teams, I bring a blend of technical expertise and leadership to every project.

Mohammad Rebati - Senior Software Engineer

Professional Journey

My career has been a rewarding adventure, from my early days as a Systems Engineer to my current role as a Senior Lead Software Engineer at Hahn Software. I've spearheaded projects utilizing technologies like .NET Core, Angular, Vue, and TypeScript, enhancing operational capabilities and team coordination.

Commitment to Innovation

I am deeply committed to continuous learning and driving innovation in software development. My work focuses on creating intuitive and well-designed software interfaces that enhance user experiences.

Skills and Expertise

Open Source Contributions

I actively contribute to open source projects like Angular 7 PubSub and Asterisk Net Standard, aiming to share knowledge and tools that benefit the development community.

Life Beyond Code

While focused on technology, I also cherish photography and exploring new cultures. Having recently moved to Germany, I am embracing new experiences and cultural diversity.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or check out my projects on GitHub.